Thursday, September 6, 2012

Buzz and Pea

Pea had her post surgery appointment today with the infectious disease doctor. All looked great and we are able to take her off all medication.  The results for the Mediterranian disease were negative, so that is great. However, the Dr. told us that the results aren't always 100% and that it is more important how she feels and what occurs versus the actual test results. That said, we are suppose to watch her closely now that she is off meds and "see" how things go.

Emry is back to her 19 pound self.  After losing a couple pounds with her last hospital stay, I'd say she is back to normal and back to herself in pretty much all aspects!

Nolan had his second day of preschool today. He really likes it and is pretty good about telling us about his day. He was sad he hasn't gotten to be the "star helper." I try to remind him everyone will get a turn, but I'm not sure he understands that quite yet.  On the way to school, he asked how fast I was driving. I told him "25" (which was the truth!). He asked if we could go 1-4-0...which was the highest number on the spedometer...I have decided he will not ever get his driver's license.

Nolan also had his first dentist appointment, yesterday. He surprised me with how amazing he was. They were able to count his teeth (20) and clean, polish, floss and flouride them. He did wonderfully. I think it helped that he picked the paste (bubble gum) and the flouride (banana split).

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