"work is just a place you go to enjoy your home life more"

I'll have to see over the course of the next few months, if that can actually hold true for me :)

We have plans for Nolan's 4th birthday party on Saturday. He is so excited! We started a count down and he tells us every day how many days there are until his party. We are having our first "friend" party this year. He was in charge of the invite list, inviting all our neighbors and kids from daycare. I am very excited to focus on him for a day. He deserves to be the center of attention. He really is an amazing kid and a great big brother.

Back to my necklace that I am so happy to have made it's way into my hands today...what a reminder...Embrace life! Enjoy something today...the weather, a ball game, the breeze, your spouse, your children...a good meal!!!