Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The big kids

As I type, Nolan is sleeping on the couch...today was his first day of preschool (sigh).
I was able to drop him off and pick him up, which made my day (more to come around this subject in the next week) . After preschool we went out for lunch to "recap." He was pretty good about telling me what they did. He shed no tears (notice the call out for "he") and was very excited.  Although...you would never really know...because on the way, I looked back at him and he was looking a bit sad. I asked if he was sad (he shook his head no). I asked if he was shy (he shook his head no). I asked if he was anxious (he shook his head no...not sure if he even knows what that means). Then I asked if he was excited (and he nodded his head yes....holding back the woot woots on the inside I guess!).

The day started out with breakfast in bed and a little Ipad time (don't tell dad as he is still suppose to not have the Ipad EVER again...sore subject). We then dropped Emry off at Sherry's and headed to get a coffee for mom and a water for Nolan (hey, it had ice and a fancy cup).  Drop off went well and so did pick up. He can't wait for Thursday because they get to take Coco outside (and they have to make sure not to step on her). Coco is the class pet guinea pig.

As my oldest goes off to preschool, my baby is done with the bottle. Advice from Oma Mary and Grandma Debbie was to go cold turkey seeing all Em's bottles revolved around a nap. So, on Sunday, we started and I can say we are officially bottle free (insert mom's sad face). So, I have two big kids.  I should probably be feeling a sense of independence, and I am a bit. I just can't believe how grown up it seems they both are, just after a weekend (it seriously feels like they both just grew up over labor day weekend...darn long weekends).

Sweet, I figured out how to add pics :)

First one is Nolan on our front step (we are adding a porch and the project is still in progress). The chalkboard says "When I grow up I want to be....Buzz Lightyear." (because if you know Nolan, you know his Toy Story fixation)

Nolan and Mira: Mira used to go to our daycare and she and Nolan are in the same class!

Picture before going into the school

As I was leaving I snuck one more picture...Nolan is sitting on the floor playing "animals."

Last picture of Nolan...he fell asleep on our way home after having lunch and playing games at our bowling alley.

And a few of Miss Em....here she is eating breakfast this morning. This is her "duck face."
And lastly Miss Em yesterday...the kids were going through the sprinkler. A good friend borrowed us her daughter's clothes and this adorable bikini was included. I couldn't help myself!!!

(*sigh*) Time really does fly by...   Enjoy your day to the fullest! Give extra big hugs to those you love, call someone just to say hi, let a car go ahead of you just because..."This is the day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad!

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