Thursday, September 13, 2012

The wheels on the bus...

I cannot tell you how much I am LOVING not working right now....yet at the same time, am ready to get back to work and to have a routine. It's amazing how much more relaxed I am. I wonder if I can keep this up, even when I am back to the "daily grind!" Here's to hoping so!

This week has been wonderful. We got both vehicles back (cough cough, ouch) and now have two (hopefully) stable cars that we can rely on for our commutes. Nolan started riding the bus (River rider) to school...which was exciting for him and has teared me up both times he has gotten on now and we finally had our play date with the Parks family!

On Tuesday I met Nolan at Sherry's to see him on the bus and then proceeded to follow the bus to school to see him off the bus. I felt like he was 13, because after jumping off the bus he wanted nothing to do with me...he went straight on in with the rest of the kids, leaving mommy in the dust! I visited a friend while he was at school and met him to see him get on the bus to go back to Sherry's. Again, he did quite well without me there!  I asked him this morning if he wanted to help him on the bus or get him off the bus. He told me that I could be at Sherry's but that Mrs. Donnovan (she helps in his preschool class) would help him off at school, so I didn't need to be there....seriously, he can act so grown up!  This morning I could see the excitement in his face as he walked from Sherry's door to the bus. It was like he was trying to hold back an ear to ear grin...tight lipped and all. He buckled himself and off they went. Pretty sure that is the last time I'll be "helping"....seeing I think this experience is a bit tougher on me than on him!

Here is Nolan his first day riding the bus:

On Tuesday, after preschool, Nolan had his four year check up. He did amazingly well  with the eye chart (listening to all the directions), ear checks and throughout his exam.  So, this next story cracks me up and will embarrass him when he is older (but moms are suppose to do that, right?...payback for leaving me in the dust at school) :

After Nolan and I get home from the doctor, we go play downstairs. He wanted to draw, so I got out his paper and pens/markers and he drew a picture of me. Then, he draws one of his dad.  Adorable, right? (OK ignore the Viking thing, not sure how that got there)

So, here is the picture...I love that Dad has a head, ears, big beautiful eyes, a nose, a mouth...arms (sticking out of his head), legs (from his head) and feet. Adorable...can't wait to compare this picture to one at the end of the school year...OH, and what is that circle in the middle of Dad's legs you ask?...Well, dad is a boy and boys have a penis...DUH!  At 4 we have become very inquisitive of the human anatomy. I'm trying to find the balance of enough information, while still trying to remain open :)

Yesterday we had our play date with the Park's boys (and Katie and I had some time...although it definitely went WAAY to fast and if the kids weren't so ready for a nap, we could have hung out all day!). I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the kids playing, but I do have this one of the "after." Nolan is our narcoleptic...anytime he is in a car, he pretty much falls asleep! He'll probably be that kid that falls asleep on the bus and the bus driver doesn't realize he's still on the bus!

Oh, and you may notice he is wearing green...this new infatuation has to do with something about preschool. There is a "star helper" and somehow there is green associated with something the star helper does or uses (a stick???) and he wants to match that (maybe increases his odds of getting to be the star helper...or so he thinks?). He wore a green shirt yesterday and one today...hoping they don't have to be washed a re-worn every Tuesday/Thursday!

Miss Em is doing awesome. She is pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. The latest action that had Dylan and I talking is that if there is ANYTHING lying on the floor of her room (clothing related), it goes in the hamper...she is really liking to be a litte helper these days!

Have a wonderful day! Try and soak in some of this gorgeous fall sun! Find some time for yourself...and DON'T feel guilty about it!
Rom 15:13: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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