Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where does the time go?

I just saw that my last post was my first day of funny is that. Well, maybe not funny, but telling? I have a hard time finding balance! I'd been wanting to make updates for some time now, but promised myself the next time I blogged I'd add pictures. So here goes...Blogging and pictures...the goal is to complete this before Emry wakes up from her nap.

Yes, before Emry wakes up from her nap. After 10 days of a cold and twice to the Dr this week (Mon/Tuesday) to just be sure it was a cold (which was validated), she came home from daycare with a 102.5 fever yesterday (Wednesday) her first fever since her surgery in July (which is amazing, but also a bit of a bummer). It's hard to know what this fever is all about. She's had a cold (although on the tail end), she was exposed to Nolan, who had a fever earlier this week with a sore throat, and she just got a flu shot while at the Dr on Tuesday...all of which could attribute to her fever, however, with her history, we have to always think about her kidneys.

By the time I got home from work yesterday, she was napping in daddy's arms (sign number one something is wrong because that girl is always on the move). I called her infectious disease Dr and he said to start her on the antibiotic we keep at home...which we tried and she vomited up. He didn't want us to worry to much about the fever, but wants us to be sure to be treating the (potential) kidney infection. If it's a cold/flu or anything else virus related, it will go away, but if it's an infection, we have to treat and we always error on the side of caution. SO, we started small doses (.2ml) of antibiotic at a time until we reached a dose. She wanted to be held pretty much all night (no complaints here!). She did sleep in her crib from about 2am-6am, which was wonderful for her. She woke up pretty good. She was walking around this morning which is a big difference from last night. We will see what she is like when she wakes up from her nap. I'll call the Dr again today and likely bring her in if she is still fevering. This would be our opportunity to have some "other" tests run, if she is still fevering, because then we will have some "truer" results.

When she has seen better days, Emry has become more of a daddy's girl. She loves to run to him when she sees him. She's gotten up to 22 pounds now and she is running versus walking these days. She is so smart (I know we all say that about our kids)...she climbs on the step stool in the bathroom and gets out her toothbrush and toothpaste. She always looks for her puppy (lovey), she can tell you what a cow says and a puppy says. And, she also (thanks to Nolan) learned how to say "NO." (He still doesn't like to share his things)

Nolan has been very active in swimming and an ECFE class with dad. He has also been going to preschool two times a week (he hasn't dropped out yet!).  He loves to wear pants with pockets (so he can put things in them). We did finally spring for a new 4T wardrobe. One night while having a fire in September, we noticed when Nolan sat down that his pants came to his capris. That gave us the go ahead from dad to have a shopping trip :)  Nolan has grown up quite a bit himself. Dylan and I catch each others glances pretty much daily after Nolan says something a little too grown up for his age. He is also quite the back seat driver (Mom! you are going to fast! Mom, can we go faster?) Sometimes when I turn a corner I hear a littler --errr (like tires squeeling) from his carseat! :)

Overall, the kids have been great. We've enjoyed time outside (on nicer days than this) and have loved the fall weather.

Dylan and I have kept busy (mostly with the kids). We did have a night away at the beginning of October and were able to join some friends for a wedding.  The next day I was able to join my parents and sister in law to watch Tony and Tracey run the Twin Cities Marathon. They both did awesome. Nicole and I cheered and had to much fun watching them (emphasis on watching). Congrats to the both of them for completing and for their exceptional times (they both beat their personal goals). In other big news (not quite as big as running a marathon, but is exciting for us) NO we are NOT pregnant. We did build a front porch. It looks awesome and it's already decorated for Halloween (Nolan had been asking since October 1 to decorate for one of his favorite holidays).

I've been enjoying my new job. I feel a bit bad about already taking a day off. However, my family comes first. Still working on that balance! Overall, it feels like a great place to work. I am taking on more responsibilities and think I am actually picking up on some of the ins and outs of crop insurance. Who knew that corn, soybeans, wheat, winter wheat, pistachios...etc, could be so complicated!

Well, I should try to get some pictures loaded here before Miss Em is ready to cuddle again!

Fall Fun

The new porch (decorated for Halloween already)

A little more fall fun. This is at the apple orchard. Emry would not leave the animals alone (she loved them). And Nolan was super cheesy wanting pictures of him everywhere and anywhere!

Dylan and me on our night out

Wishing you a great week ( Month/Holiday Season/New Year....not sure when I'll be back)  :)

"May the Lord bless you and protect you, May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mommy decompressing...

So, today was my first day back at work. And I have to say, I didn't need any decompressing UNTIL, after I decided that Emry should go with me to Nolan's swim lessons...what was I THINKING? Wet floors in the locker room and trying to get Nolan changed into his swimsuit while Emry was trying to explore do not mix! And that was really just the start. The swim lessons are in the shallow end (the kids all hang onto the side when it's not their turn) and there is only one bench to sit on. Emry really wasn't in the mood to sit...and well, it's not like you can "play" by the pool....but if you know Emry, you know that she likes her way. Needless to say, we spent quite a bit of time in the hallway because I envisioned Emry running to the pool's edge one to many times in the  2 minutes we actually were watching Nolan. After Emry was able to "run free" for a few minutes (in the hallway), we were able to see Nolan do the back float, the front float and make a train with the other kids (all in floaties). For all he knows we were in there the whole time (until he grows up and reads this!).

So yes, was good. The commute may actually be shorter for me... It took 35 minutes today. I didn't have a computer yet so it was a pretty relaxing day...just meeting new people and looking through handbooks. I am taking over my boss's "old" job, so I have some pretty big shoes to fill. I already can tell that I have an opportunity to learn a lot from her, so am very excited to work with her as she transitions some of her projects.

The kids did very well this morning. I did have to wake them up (sad face....I hate that, it's like the "never wake a sleeping baby" quote just rings in my head as I try to get them up), but they did pretty well and we were to daycare by about 10 to 7.

I'd post some pictures of Nolan swimming, but I had to keep my hands on Emry at all times so, I'll try to get those taken and posted the next time Nolan has swim lessons  :)

These quotes are from the Proverbs 31 website. I got them in a daily email Friday of last week. I found them timely for a number of reasons...maybe they will be timely for you too.

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 3b, 4, "For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to plant and a time to harvest ... A time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to grieve and a time to dance."

Psalm 138:8, "The Lord will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chapter 1

The page is blank, yet to be written...a fresh new start with newly sharpened pencils, a clean computer desktop (those of you that know me well, know that I store EVERYTHING on my desktop), a clean's like being in grade school and anticipating the first day of school. I cannot believe I start my new job on Monday. I am SO ready...excited for a new feels like a fresh /clean slate, a chance to write whatever I want...I'm going to be the new kid. I am sure my shyness will peak, my anxiety will heighten...I probably won't sleep Sunday night (much like the night before the first day of school). I'm already envisioning myself as the freshman on campus, not knowing what building to go to and not knowing who I am going to sit by in class, but still, there is an excitement amidst the unknown.

Yesterday was the last time for me to go into the old office and it was an opportunity to say good bye to colleagues. I hope I see those faces many times over in the upcoming years. I worked with and grew to love many of my friends from work. Those people are what made leaving so hard. If my old company only knew the passion that thrives within those walls. I intend to carry that with me.

I've realized in the last year, that I am not in control. I picture God sitting up in heaven thinking, it's about time I let go. I've realized that if I can let go and let God take control, that I don't really have to worry or be anxious about where my life is going...I've realized that's faith. With the curve balls I've seen life throw (and my inability to hit anything but a pitch right down the middle), I know I need Someone to help me keep swinging (no matter how many times I strike out looking).

So, I'm excited to see where this next chapter leads...I love the fresh start feeling, I'm ready for a routine.
Of course, I'll miss my "stay at home mom days!" Today was "the last" day for me to see Nolan on the bus (for now), we'll have to start cleaning and doing laundry again on weekends, I'll have to plan meals more in advance, get crockpot dinners going before work in the morning, get my kids up early so I can get to work on time....I'll have to remind myself daily that getting kids ready before I go to work is not an excuse to hurry them out the door for fear I will be late...ah, the joys of being a working mom. Don't worry, that's not sarcasm! It's reality...and I'm just hoping that I can keep it all in perspective when reality hits on Monday!  And so, the count down begins....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The wheels on the bus...

I cannot tell you how much I am LOVING not working right now....yet at the same time, am ready to get back to work and to have a routine. It's amazing how much more relaxed I am. I wonder if I can keep this up, even when I am back to the "daily grind!" Here's to hoping so!

This week has been wonderful. We got both vehicles back (cough cough, ouch) and now have two (hopefully) stable cars that we can rely on for our commutes. Nolan started riding the bus (River rider) to school...which was exciting for him and has teared me up both times he has gotten on now and we finally had our play date with the Parks family!

On Tuesday I met Nolan at Sherry's to see him on the bus and then proceeded to follow the bus to school to see him off the bus. I felt like he was 13, because after jumping off the bus he wanted nothing to do with me...he went straight on in with the rest of the kids, leaving mommy in the dust! I visited a friend while he was at school and met him to see him get on the bus to go back to Sherry's. Again, he did quite well without me there!  I asked him this morning if he wanted to help him on the bus or get him off the bus. He told me that I could be at Sherry's but that Mrs. Donnovan (she helps in his preschool class) would help him off at school, so I didn't need to be there....seriously, he can act so grown up!  This morning I could see the excitement in his face as he walked from Sherry's door to the bus. It was like he was trying to hold back an ear to ear grin...tight lipped and all. He buckled himself and off they went. Pretty sure that is the last time I'll be "helping"....seeing I think this experience is a bit tougher on me than on him!

Here is Nolan his first day riding the bus:

On Tuesday, after preschool, Nolan had his four year check up. He did amazingly well  with the eye chart (listening to all the directions), ear checks and throughout his exam.  So, this next story cracks me up and will embarrass him when he is older (but moms are suppose to do that, right?...payback for leaving me in the dust at school) :

After Nolan and I get home from the doctor, we go play downstairs. He wanted to draw, so I got out his paper and pens/markers and he drew a picture of me. Then, he draws one of his dad.  Adorable, right? (OK ignore the Viking thing, not sure how that got there)

So, here is the picture...I love that Dad has a head, ears, big beautiful eyes, a nose, a mouth...arms (sticking out of his head), legs (from his head) and feet. Adorable...can't wait to compare this picture to one at the end of the school year...OH, and what is that circle in the middle of Dad's legs you ask?...Well, dad is a boy and boys have a penis...DUH!  At 4 we have become very inquisitive of the human anatomy. I'm trying to find the balance of enough information, while still trying to remain open :)

Yesterday we had our play date with the Park's boys (and Katie and I had some time...although it definitely went WAAY to fast and if the kids weren't so ready for a nap, we could have hung out all day!). I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the kids playing, but I do have this one of the "after." Nolan is our narcoleptic...anytime he is in a car, he pretty much falls asleep! He'll probably be that kid that falls asleep on the bus and the bus driver doesn't realize he's still on the bus!

Oh, and you may notice he is wearing green...this new infatuation has to do with something about preschool. There is a "star helper" and somehow there is green associated with something the star helper does or uses (a stick???) and he wants to match that (maybe increases his odds of getting to be the star helper...or so he thinks?). He wore a green shirt yesterday and one today...hoping they don't have to be washed a re-worn every Tuesday/Thursday!

Miss Em is doing awesome. She is pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. The latest action that had Dylan and I talking is that if there is ANYTHING lying on the floor of her room (clothing related), it goes in the hamper...she is really liking to be a litte helper these days!

Have a wonderful day! Try and soak in some of this gorgeous fall sun! Find some time for yourself...and DON'T feel guilty about it!
Rom 15:13: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Monday, September 10, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

But there is always a rainbow at some point, right?

So here's how it goes: two vehicles go in for an oil change, each comes out needing major tune ups and a dishwasher goes kaput on the same weekend...the bright side?

The simple things: (AKA The Rainbows!)

Neighborhood gathering for Toy Story 3 (Nolan made invites and passed them out to the neighbor kids and we have an outdoor movie night with popcorn and juice boxes!) Kudos to Dylan's idea and amazing set up!



Emry loving music and shaking her little booty
And of course, family time! We had our annual family pics taken by our friend Katie, who is an amazing photographer. We got our "sneak peak" already on Saturday. Here is one of the kids: (although Emry wasn't having many smiles for Katie -which is SO not her, I am still sure it's going to be hard to choose which pictures we'll actually order)
Last week, I had made mention that I had a little more time at home these days. Well,  some things had been going down at work, all through which, of course God has His own plan for me. The day Emry had her surgery, I received a call for an interview at a new organization. I accepted the interview time. However, when Emry went into ICU, I called the organization back saying it was not the right time for me to be entertaining the idea of a new job.  When Emry was home and healing, I went back to work at Thomson  and went through a re-organization for my specific department. Everyone in my department felt unmotivated and moral was a bit low during this period. During that time, the new organization called me back and asked if I would come in for an interview. This time I accepted.  I was recently offered a position at this new organization, so I have put in my two weeks at Thomson and I will be starting my new job at RCIS (crop insurance division of Wells Fargo) at the end of the month.  I am enjoying trying to get things situated around the house and fitting in doctor appts for kids/me and dentist appts for kids/me along with our car appts (that turn into, well, you read the first couple sentences of this entry), hoping (and we all know hope is not a strategy) when I start my new job, everything will be "good to go!"
I've been enjoying a few hours to myself everyday. I've actually been blogging (as you know), I've been actually looking at what I have "pinned" on Pinterest (and actually trying out some great recipes!) and trying to get back to exercising. I hadn't run since the middle of July and finally got out...needless to say I am out of shape, but hey, I got out! 
I think Dylan is ready for me to get back to work and I know we will all look forward to a routine again. But in the mean time, I am enjoying some peace and relaxation; Trying to remember and keep perspective about what is important to me, in my life and for my family. I've been enjoying being around to see Nolan's first preschool experience. I remember stressing earlier this year, trying to figure out how that was going to work, with me being at work or working from home, carpooling or taking the amazes me how God answers prayers...of course, they aren't always how you would think they would have been answered (who would of thought my prayer around preschool would have come in the form of a new job???), but none the less answered. The first week Nolan was in preschool, I was able to take him and pick him up. This week, he will get on the bus (and I will help him on, follow the bus to school and watch him get off the bus). Next week, he'll be on his own and hopefully acclimated (and hopefully we both will feel good about the transportation situation!)
I praise God for all He does for my family and for me. It's so freeing to release the stresses and anxieties of life knowing that God want to bear them for you and He will, if you let Him.  He will show you the silver lining, the "rainbow" if you are open to seeing it!
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Buzz and Pea

Pea had her post surgery appointment today with the infectious disease doctor. All looked great and we are able to take her off all medication.  The results for the Mediterranian disease were negative, so that is great. However, the Dr. told us that the results aren't always 100% and that it is more important how she feels and what occurs versus the actual test results. That said, we are suppose to watch her closely now that she is off meds and "see" how things go.

Emry is back to her 19 pound self.  After losing a couple pounds with her last hospital stay, I'd say she is back to normal and back to herself in pretty much all aspects!

Nolan had his second day of preschool today. He really likes it and is pretty good about telling us about his day. He was sad he hasn't gotten to be the "star helper." I try to remind him everyone will get a turn, but I'm not sure he understands that quite yet.  On the way to school, he asked how fast I was driving. I told him "25" (which was the truth!). He asked if we could go 1-4-0...which was the highest number on the spedometer...I have decided he will not ever get his driver's license.

Nolan also had his first dentist appointment, yesterday. He surprised me with how amazing he was. They were able to count his teeth (20) and clean, polish, floss and flouride them. He did wonderfully. I think it helped that he picked the paste (bubble gum) and the flouride (banana split).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The big kids

As I type, Nolan is sleeping on the was his first day of preschool (sigh).
I was able to drop him off and pick him up, which made my day (more to come around this subject in the next week) . After preschool we went out for lunch to "recap." He was pretty good about telling me what they did. He shed no tears (notice the call out for "he") and was very excited. would never really know...because on the way, I looked back at him and he was looking a bit sad. I asked if he was sad (he shook his head no). I asked if he was shy (he shook his head no). I asked if he was anxious (he shook his head no...not sure if he even knows what that means). Then I asked if he was excited (and he nodded his head yes....holding back the woot woots on the inside I guess!).

The day started out with breakfast in bed and a little Ipad time (don't tell dad as he is still suppose to not have the Ipad EVER again...sore subject). We then dropped Emry off at Sherry's and headed to get a coffee for mom and a water for Nolan (hey, it had ice and a fancy cup).  Drop off went well and so did pick up. He can't wait for Thursday because they get to take Coco outside (and they have to make sure not to step on her). Coco is the class pet guinea pig.

As my oldest goes off to preschool, my baby is done with the bottle. Advice from Oma Mary and Grandma Debbie was to go cold turkey seeing all Em's bottles revolved around a nap. So, on Sunday, we started and I can say we are officially bottle free (insert mom's sad face). So, I have two big kids.  I should probably be feeling a sense of independence, and I am a bit. I just can't believe how grown up it seems they both are, just after a weekend (it seriously feels like they both just grew up over labor day weekend...darn long weekends).

Sweet, I figured out how to add pics :)

First one is Nolan on our front step (we are adding a porch and the project is still in progress). The chalkboard says "When I grow up I want to be....Buzz Lightyear." (because if you know Nolan, you know his Toy Story fixation)

Nolan and Mira: Mira used to go to our daycare and she and Nolan are in the same class!

Picture before going into the school

As I was leaving I snuck one more picture...Nolan is sitting on the floor playing "animals."

Last picture of Nolan...he fell asleep on our way home after having lunch and playing games at our bowling alley.

And a few of Miss she is eating breakfast this morning. This is her "duck face."
And lastly Miss Em yesterday...the kids were going through the sprinkler. A good friend borrowed us her daughter's clothes and this adorable bikini was included. I couldn't help myself!!!

(*sigh*) Time really does fly by...   Enjoy your day to the fullest! Give extra big hugs to those you love, call someone just to say hi, let a car go ahead of you just because..."This is the day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad!