Monday, September 10, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

But there is always a rainbow at some point, right?

So here's how it goes: two vehicles go in for an oil change, each comes out needing major tune ups and a dishwasher goes kaput on the same weekend...the bright side?

The simple things: (AKA The Rainbows!)

Neighborhood gathering for Toy Story 3 (Nolan made invites and passed them out to the neighbor kids and we have an outdoor movie night with popcorn and juice boxes!) Kudos to Dylan's idea and amazing set up!



Emry loving music and shaking her little booty
And of course, family time! We had our annual family pics taken by our friend Katie, who is an amazing photographer. We got our "sneak peak" already on Saturday. Here is one of the kids: (although Emry wasn't having many smiles for Katie -which is SO not her, I am still sure it's going to be hard to choose which pictures we'll actually order)
Last week, I had made mention that I had a little more time at home these days. Well,  some things had been going down at work, all through which, of course God has His own plan for me. The day Emry had her surgery, I received a call for an interview at a new organization. I accepted the interview time. However, when Emry went into ICU, I called the organization back saying it was not the right time for me to be entertaining the idea of a new job.  When Emry was home and healing, I went back to work at Thomson  and went through a re-organization for my specific department. Everyone in my department felt unmotivated and moral was a bit low during this period. During that time, the new organization called me back and asked if I would come in for an interview. This time I accepted.  I was recently offered a position at this new organization, so I have put in my two weeks at Thomson and I will be starting my new job at RCIS (crop insurance division of Wells Fargo) at the end of the month.  I am enjoying trying to get things situated around the house and fitting in doctor appts for kids/me and dentist appts for kids/me along with our car appts (that turn into, well, you read the first couple sentences of this entry), hoping (and we all know hope is not a strategy) when I start my new job, everything will be "good to go!"
I've been enjoying a few hours to myself everyday. I've actually been blogging (as you know), I've been actually looking at what I have "pinned" on Pinterest (and actually trying out some great recipes!) and trying to get back to exercising. I hadn't run since the middle of July and finally got out...needless to say I am out of shape, but hey, I got out! 
I think Dylan is ready for me to get back to work and I know we will all look forward to a routine again. But in the mean time, I am enjoying some peace and relaxation; Trying to remember and keep perspective about what is important to me, in my life and for my family. I've been enjoying being around to see Nolan's first preschool experience. I remember stressing earlier this year, trying to figure out how that was going to work, with me being at work or working from home, carpooling or taking the amazes me how God answers prayers...of course, they aren't always how you would think they would have been answered (who would of thought my prayer around preschool would have come in the form of a new job???), but none the less answered. The first week Nolan was in preschool, I was able to take him and pick him up. This week, he will get on the bus (and I will help him on, follow the bus to school and watch him get off the bus). Next week, he'll be on his own and hopefully acclimated (and hopefully we both will feel good about the transportation situation!)
I praise God for all He does for my family and for me. It's so freeing to release the stresses and anxieties of life knowing that God want to bear them for you and He will, if you let Him.  He will show you the silver lining, the "rainbow" if you are open to seeing it!
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

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  1. No prayer ever goes unanswered. The answer is just always either yes, no or not yet! Love you!